How to make an NFT Art for Photographers and Sell it

How to make an NFT Art for Photographers and Sell it – The complete Guide

NFT is all the hype right now surrounding blockchain technology in 2021. I don’t mean it as a slight, because I love this technology. I’ve been supporting it since 2017 when I followed the Bitcoin surge to $20,000. Blockchain is going to change the world and introduce a revolution in content delivery and monetization. It opens up many opportunities for digital content creators. Not only artists! Because I’m an artist and photographer, this blog is for artists like you! Those who are new to the crypto space that need a step by step guide on how to mint their first NFT artwork.
Skip down to the first step if you want to start minting!
NFT’s or non-fungible tokens aren’t anything new. It has been around since the mid 2010’s. It didn’t gain in popularity until late 2017 with the induction of Crypto Kitties. Crypto Kitties allow you to buy and breed limited edition digital cats with cryptocurrency using smart contracts, formally known as NFTs as a proof of interaction on the Ethereum Network.
Fast forward to today and everyone and their momma is starting to talk about this thing. There’s a saying by some wise financial investors that if your grandma starts talking about it, then it’s time to sell your stocks and run.
Let me explain.
There are a lot of non artists coming into the space to take a piece of the pie, creating memes and oddball images that they call art. There’s an obvious movement right now and the catalyst to this movement is Mike Winkleman. Better known as Beeple whom’s digital art sold for a record breaking $69,346,250. Now everyone wants to be part of this history. This mania has put cryptocurrency on notice among non crypto enthusiasts. This is aching to be the gateway drug to bitcoin adoption.
Now more people are aware of it than ever before and there is a massive upside to this. These new NFT creators are the driver of the market and will help push this technology to the masses. But not until we see a major crash and hype drizzles down. These outrageous prices will die down and leave a blueprint of whats to come.
In the future, contents will be trace back to creators through digital fingerprinting.
There will be growing pains with new technology. Imagine how nice it would be to get paid when someone curates your content. This can’t happen in the current internet. When more people adopt blockchain on the internet, we will edge closer to Internet 3.0.
How much these digital arts are being valued at right now is absolute mania! For now let’s ride the train together while we can!

How to Mint Your First NFT Photo

The first thing you need to do before minting your first NFT is to sign up to a Metamask account. You can get it here,

1. Download and install.

Download and install the Metamask web browser extension.


For a complete tutorial on how to use Metamask, check out Box Mining’s  in depth tutorial here.

2. Create Ethereum wallet.

After you’ve installed your Metamask, create your Ethereum wallet.

3. Find your Marketplace

Go to your favorite NFT market. Link your Metamask wallet to their site and create your account. Make sure your network is set to Ethereum Mainnet. When using sites like Foundation, Ephimera, or Opensea, you’re using Ethereum.  These are all on the Ethereum network.  Anything else, please check with the market place.

Ethereum Mainnet

4. So where do you buy eth?

There are a few options to buy on exchanges, but I recommend Metamask. Metamask allows you to buy on it’s wallet. Take a look below. You will go through a process with the bank. Follow the instructions that’s prompted.

5. Make sure you have enough ETH!

Now you need to make sure your wallet has ETH for transaction fees.  It is very important when minting your NFT that you figure out the right timing.  Price of GAS is dependent on how congested the network is. When the price of ETH is up, so will the transaction cost. Gas traffic is GWEI and you want to target a low GWEI.  I recommend anything below 90 GWEI set to FAST speed.


Setting your speed to fast will make sure that your coin can send. When you set it too low, it can take months to send and the transaction is not guaranteed. Once the coin returns to your wallet, you will still be paying for the GAS fee.

  • For more information on how to monitor and time your gas GAS cost, please take a look at
  • For a real time look at how much the cost to mint is on Metamask, please take a look at Gas.Metasync.
Gasnow GWEI Chart - White is Cheap - Orange is Expensive

White is Cheap – Orange is Expensive

Make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet before spending. Once you start sending, Metamask will tell you how much it will cost to send your eth or erc20. You will end up only spending about 70 percent of what the actual cost is.  After the NFT has been sold, it is up to you or the buyer to send the NFT.  If no one does it, it will be stuck in escrow as pending.

6. Sign up to your favorite NFT Market.

Now that you’ve got your Metamask wallet set up and added ETH. The next step is signing up to your favorite NFT market. A few popular NFT markets I know of are:

A new one I recently discovered designed for photographers is Ephimera. You can connect all these markets on the same Metamask wallet.  Here is what you need to know to get invited on EphimeraRead this.
How do we go about in getting invited?
So you found the marketplace that you’d like to sell on, but you have no access to it because it requires an invitation. It’s not easy at the moment because it is by invitation only. There are many groups you can search online that has a Pay-it-Forward system. These groups will give you a good chance of getting in through invitation if you don’t know anyone. A group I am in, but am by no means affiliated with is a group created by Felix Josemon that is gaining a lot of traction. His approach to getting us all invited into Foundation App is to Pay-It-Forward. Once you’re in the group, you’ll  go on a google waiting list to get an invitation.
For more information about this group. Click here.
Other methods are to go on Twitter and tag the market place you want to notice you. I will use Foundation as my example. On Instagram and Twitter you can share a sample of your NFT project and tag Founder’s page. You can ask other artists for invitations, but keep in mind you’re not the only one asking for it. Use tags that relate to NFT to raise awareness.
#withfnd #foundationapp #foundation #nft
You can also go to their discord channel and ask around. These are the 2 that I am in.

7. It is time to mint your NFT.

Beware that when you’re ready to sell your artwork, you’ll be double GAS’ed! Once to mint your NFT and once to list on the market place. It won’t be cheap so make sure you understand how to time your transfer to save potential hundreds of dollars. On the top right of the home page after you’ved logged in, click the Create buttonFollow the  on screen instructions to upload your art and start minting!


8. Set your Reserved Price

There are some strategies on setting your reserved price.   Price it low and get potential bids that can boost you up the rank, but you risk  losing money if it doesn’t break even.   Price it too high and you might never get a bid.  No one will see it and it will be part of the 80 percent that never sell.  Don’t forget how much it cost you to mint your  NFT.  You will be making two transactions.  One when you mint and once more when you send it to the market to get listed.
If you’re creating your NFT from scratch, make sure you calculate the cost it took you to create it.
secondary market royalties

9. Marketing

The most important step for any artists, creators or any business is marketing, marketing and marketing. I can’t stress enough how important marketing is. You don’t have to be spending money on advertisements at this current time. But you need to find ways to raise awareness.
Get on your social media, educate your fans and entice your your buyers. The NFT market place is currently small and doesn’t have a system to drive traffic. Your product reach is external, so learn how to use social media to leverage.
All you need is to get ONE person to bid on your project. That one bid will push your NFT up the ladder and get you more eyes to these art collectors!
Marketing your work is a huge topic so I don’t want to sound generic with all the marketing tips. I recommend starting on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIN.
Tag the account and use hashtags that you think will have eyes on your work.


Current GAS cost is temporary. The Ethereum network is very slow. It’s current transaction speed is 10-15 TPS (Transactions per second). With the roll out of Ethereum 2.0 comes massive improvements on its blockchain. A few notable upgrades will increase TPS from 10-15 to at least 10K TPS and lowered costs to send ETH. This will drastically decrease the cost of minting your NFT. These improvements will make Ethereum useable to the average consumer.
Currently, most NFTs are on ETH’s ERC-20 smart contract. When these projects move into it’s own chain, these transaction costs will be close to none.
Hyprr LogoMeta

Hyprr on the Udoo Blockchain – The Future of Decentralized Social Media

One of the many arenas that NFT will help the most will be on decentralized social media and in-game assets. You will have social stacks and gamify your assets. Hyprr does it all! A project I am very excited about is Hyprr. It is a decentralized social media app built on the HowDoo blockchain. Many dApps will be on this blockchain. Their idea is to incentivise their users in many new innovative ways. One of these features are the ability to mint NFTs, but there isn’t much info yet.

Being able to sell content to fans that is already on your platform is a huge deal. They don’t have to run through obstacles to see your work. And by being on a decentralized platform, the work you produce is your own. You can monetize it however you want and create and sell directly to your fans. The future looks bright for digital creators.  I am not paid or supported by the Hyprr  team in anyways. I am just a huge supporter of what they do!  Follow me on Hyprr  and let’s support this new technology together.  
If you guys have any tips and suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below!