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How to make an NFT Art for Photographers and Sell it – The complete Guide NFT is all the hype right now surrounding blockchain technology in 2021. I don’t mean it as a slight, because I love this technology. I've been supporting it since 2017 when I followed the Bitcoin surge to $20,000. Blockchain is [...]
What is an NFT? Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs for short, are a type of cryptocurrency where each token is entirely unique, and cannot be replaced. Most tokens form part of Ethereum blockchain technology, yet NFTs are unlikely to ever be used as a way to pay for goods in a mall by traditional means. But [...]
Creative Workspace - Messy vs. Minimal As an artist, you may work best when you can freely explore your creativity, regardless of the mess it generates. Or, you may prefer to keep everything neatly in its place. There are plenty of artists who prefer a messy art studio, while others thrive in well-organized spaces. What do [...]
Sunsets at the Beach Growing up in the California Bay Area allowed me to experience a lot of different places when I was younger.  Most of California is a melting pot so you experience the world in one spot.  We could be in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Yosemite, Los Angeles, or at countless beaches along [...]